Building Android for the A20

Here is how to actually build the kernel and android for the OlinuXino-A20-Micro.

These instructions assumed you have already followed the instructions here to properly configure your machine.

1) Build the kernel

Note: These commands will build the default configuration (sun7ismp_android_defconfig) the first time it is run, and use the resulting .config file on the following runs. I suggest running it as-is the first time (ie. without modifying the kernel configuration) to make sure everything is building accordingly and booting.

Note: To configure the kernel run (in the linux-3.4 folder): make ARCH=arm menuconfig

To build the kernel, type the following command in the lichee folder:

./ -p sun7i_android -b olinuxino-a20

2) Build Android

To build Android, type the following commands in the android4.2 folder:

Note: You have to build the kernel before compiling Android.

source build/
lunch (choose olinuxino_a20)
make -j4     <- Adjust to the number of cores in your computer

3) Pack the resulting images for LiveSuit

To pack the resulting build to a LiveSuit image, type the following command in the android4.2 folder:


The location of the resulting image will be printed after packing is done. (lichee/tools/pack by default)

4) Upload using LiveSuit

a) Power off the board and unplug the USB cable

b) Start LiveSuit and select your image

c) Hold the recovery button down and connect the USB cable

d) Release the recovery button and follow LiveSuit’s instructions

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