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Bluetooth on the Asus T100TA (Ubuntu 16.04)

Hi, I managed to install Ubuntu Mate 16.04.1 (kernel 4.4.0-66 at the time of writing) on the T100TA using John Well’s excellent tutorial (here). I’m adding these instructions for people interested in getting bluetooth working, as the instructions I found … Continue reading

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Audio and Overscan update

Wow, am I pissed at Samsung right now (again). I’ve been trying to get the analog audio working on my Series 4 LCD TV to make some tests but couldn’t get it to switch to analog. I went through every menu … Continue reading

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Fixing HDMI overscan issues on Ubuntu 16.04 and Intel Graphics

  UPDATE: It has been pointed out to me that this only works for ‘Ironlake’ GPUs (a.k.a. Intel processors with integrated graphics). Thanks RD94 for letting me know! Hi, I’ve been having trouble using xrandr with the commands I normally use … Continue reading

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It all have to start somewhere!

Yes, I indeed finally bit the bullet and got myself a place to ramble on about my projects. Electronics has become a passion of mine in the last months and I’ve had my fair share of struggles (most of them … Continue reading

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