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Bluetooth on the Asus T100TA (Ubuntu 16.04)

Hi, I managed to install Ubuntu Mate 16.04.1 (kernel 4.4.0-66 at the time of writing) on the T100TA using John Well’s excellent tutorial (here). I’m adding these instructions for people interested in getting bluetooth working, as the instructions I found … Continue reading

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Audio and Overscan update

Wow, am I pissed at Samsung right now (again). I’ve been trying to get the analog audio working on my Series 4 LCD TV to make some tests┬ábut couldn’t get it to switch to analog. I went through every menu … Continue reading

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Fixing HDMI overscan issues on Ubuntu 16.04 and Intel Graphics

Hi, I’ve been having trouble using xrandr with the commands I normally use with AMD and Nvidia cards for overscan. Those are the ones I normally use: xrandr –output HDMI-0 –set underscan on xrandr –output HDMI-0 –set “underscan hborder” 48 … Continue reading

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It all have to start somewhere!

Yes, I indeed finally bit the bullet and got myself a place to ramble on about my projects. Electronics has become a passion of mine in the last months and I’ve had my fair share of struggles (most of them … Continue reading

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