MKV seek issues when remerged

This is more a note to myself than anything else (as will be most of this blog) but if you try to remerge MKVs and have seek / chapter change issues, there is this post I found which explains it and gives solutions.

My issues became apparent in both VLC and on the rapsberry pi (openelec 3.0.0 but I’m pretty sure any XBMC distros have the same problem) so the trick to fix VLC wasn’t possible in this case.

Using version 5.8 of the MKVmerge utilities fixed the issue for me.

Here is the link to the said forum thread: MKV time seek problems

And here is a link to version 5.8 in case you can’t be bothered: MKVToolNix 5.8



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It all have to start somewhere!

Yes, I indeed finally bit the bullet and got myself a place to ramble on about my projects.

Electronics has become a passion of mine in the last months and I’ve had my fair share of struggles (most of them my own fault, I admit!), but learning is a big thing for me, and perhaps someone will find some of this knowledge interesting or even useful maybe ! 

I don’t claim to be an expert on ANYTHING and I most likely still understand a lot of notions incorrectly. If you see me saying something blatantly idiotic or wrong, please correct me, just telling me how stupid I am doesn’t serve anyone, since I am perfectly aware of that fact 😛

Deskwizard, 03/29/13

“I was good at math before they started adding letters… ”  – Unknown Author

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